The Boy At The End Of The Tunnel (Part 6)


September 23, 1996

 In the movies, a funeral is often depicted as a rainy, gloomy and sad day.  However, my mother’s funeral was just another normal, bright and sunny day.  At that time, I didn’t really know what was happening, why where all those strange people with cold gapes gathered around my mother whom was lying in a big open casket, soundly and unmoving. She looked more peaceful than she ever was during her living days. 

 I looked up to my father, a huge intimidating man.  A beast in my eyes, I creature I feared since the day I was able to remember.  He looked unfazed and completely rigid.  He led out a barbaric groan and dragged me to the door.

 “She was always too weak; I’ll make sure you don’t turn out like her” he said with a menacing attitude and walked away with me.  I was only four, I was confused and couldn’t understand his words or what this whole ridiculous charade meant.  For some reason, I believed that was the first time I saw my mother with such ease, she looked beautiful and restful.  As the mean wolf pulled my hand, I saw how my mother’s sleeping body got farther away from me, and slowly vanished, never to be seen or heard again.

 As days passed, my ignorant fragile self, continued to anticipate my mother’s return.  Anxious and puzzled I stood day after day in front of the old giant oak door. With shining, hopeful eyes, I would brightly smile every time the door opened only to encounter the mean wolf, as I did every day, followed by a loud bang from the door as he aggressively closed it, and it was all enclosed in an immense twilight once again.

“I was beginning to think I had to give you a kiss, sleeping beauty”

I woke up to that man’s annoying face, “where am I?” I asked as I lazily got up from the bed I was lying at, while adjusting my vision, and calming down a bit after realizing where I was “The more I see you, the more suspicious you get” I slurred

“Well, being mysterious makes me interesting, does it not?

“No, it makes you creepy”

“Well you seem rather calm, don’t people usually start panicking after waking up in a strange place, next to a stranger?”

“You are weird, but I doubt your intentions were to kidnap me seeing as I’m at a hospital.”

“Oh… so you can recognize the place, you didn’t go stupid after all”

“Why did you bring me here? What do you want?”

“Don’t you remember falling to the ground like an avocado in the tunnel, munchkin?

“Wha…avocado? Screw you Lucas, I appreciate your help, but I’m fine, it was just low blood sugar.  Also why were you there?”

“I don’t think it was just low blood sugar, and I should ask you the same thing munchkin, we seem to coincide a lot lately, must be fate”

He threw me a repulsive smile and I gaged a little at the sight, “whatever” I continued, “I’m leaving” A little dizzy, I got up from the bed with the intention to leave that dreaded hospital, when he suddenly stopped me, grabbing my arm with his strong grasp.  His countenance changed drastically and with a soft, yet terrifying whisper he said, “You were looking for your friend, right?”

“Did you find her?” I asked without thinking

“They did find her, but…I’m sorry…” He looked at me with pity, was he being sincere? I don’t want people feeling sorry for me.  What exactly happened? Something inside me knew, but I didn’t want to hear it. “Where is she?” I said with a serious unwavering face.  He sighed and told me everything that happened.

I ran out of the hospital as fast as I could, still wearing that thin hospital gown. The people outside looked at me as if I was demented, some looked disgusted, others looked sympathetic, and others simply didn’t care.  I didn’t cry, just like I never cried after my mother died, I used to believe my mother would come back one day and carry me in her arms like she always did.  But even after realizing she was never coming back; I didn’t shed a single tear.  Sadness is as overwhelming at this very moment as it was then, but my rigid nature prevents me from crying.  I guess I really am an asshole, insensitive cold little bitch. Like a crazy woman I ran and ran till my legs gave in and I could no longer move. I stood completely blank and exhausted.

Dead, she was dead, Ren was gone.  Her body was found inside her car at the end of the tunnel.  Police concluded it as a suicide, since they found puncture wounds in her arms and an absurd amount of Diamorphine in her blood. Incompetent police.  All this happened while I was in the hospital.  According to Lucas, after the incident at the tunnel I was unconscious for 5 days, even though it only felt like a few hours.  It was as if someone did it to prevent me from getting to her on time.  I felt like I was losing my mind.  Every time I remember or dream about that man, I feel like something bad always happens. All these years avoiding getting close to her, and she came back again to remind me of him and leave just like that, making me feel guilty of my very existence. I crouched like a defenseless child, I really wanted to go back to sleep and never wake up.

I was tired and depressed, but I wasn’t going to give up just like that.  If horror movies taught me one thing, it was that heroines were fucking stupid, and so was I.  So, like a good dumb heroin, I was going to get to the bottom of it.  I walked back to the hospital room to get my stuff back, Lucas was sitting at the edge of the bed with his legs crossed and with his chin on one hand as support.  Needless to say, he looked very gay, although he was trying to go for an elegant pose.  Ugh, just the sight of him made me sick.

“You speak Portuguese, right?”


“just answer the question”

“yes, I’m sure it was pretty obvious, since I spoke it before”

“can you translate something for me?”

“No, if you’re feeling better, then I’m leaving”

I suspiciously looked at him from head to toe, he was wearing sneakers again.  I’ve never seen him wearing boots before, even at the wedding he wore sneakers.  I definitely remembered a pair of boots that day.

“do you always wear sneakers?”


“Do you never wear any other type of footwear?”

“what’s with that question?” He looked annoyed, but he obediently answered my question. “Yes, I prefer sneakers since they are more comfortable, why, do you have some weird fetish for men with sneakers?” he said while throwing me a coy, sarcastic smile.

I ignore his obnoxious joke and ask another question “why are you here?”

“If you’re so curious why don’t you just do as I tell you and mind your own business? You don’t want to end up like your little friend, do you?”

“Are you threatening or trying to help? Because right now I’m trying to make sense of this entire situation and none of it will make sense if you don’t answer my questions. My friend is dead, you keep telling me to return that thing and that boy at the tunnel keeps…” I cover my mouth before finishing and try to change the subject.  He looked confused and surprise after hearing that.

“what boy?” he asked with a serious glare

“What are you talking about, I never mentioned…”

He furiously interrupted, “answer my question, where did you say you saw that boy?”

“I was probably mistaken, it was dark that night, it was probably just the shadows” I answered nervously

“So, was there really no boy?”

“No, I’m sure a saw it wrong”

“then let me ask you one more question.  What did you want me to translate? Did you hear anything strange while you were there?”

“N…” My words couldn’t come out and it felt as if the entire room froze and I was the only one moving.  I could see my reflection in a mirror that was next to a sofa, then something started to shine on my neck.  I approached the mirror to see clearly.  The thing that was shining was the scapular that Ren gave me, but I didn’t remember putting it on.  What was so important about that thing? Did all this really happen because of this piece of metal? As I grabbed the pendant, I heard a soothing voice, a woman’s voice I had heard before, it was the voice from my dream, “find him…” she cried.

I kept staring at the mirror and from behind me I saw the boy’s silhouette creeping from the corner of the wall.  He then tilted his head to the side as if looking at someone, he covered his face and then collapsed causing the room to shake and the lights to flicker.  Lucas grabbed me as I staggered, he looked around as if frightened by the unexpected tremor.  I looked at him once more and with a blank stare and holding the necklace I asked him, “what is the meaning behind this scapular?”

He looked at it with no emotion and simply said “just be careful with the sack man”

To be continued…

Author’s note: Hey guys…I don’t know what I’m doing anymore.  Please bare with me 🙃😂

By Jess

Part 1

Part 7

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