The Boy At The End Of The Tunnel (Part 3)

The Dream

A cool breeze caresses my cheek, my nose tingles with such gentle stroke from the sweet smell of freesias.  I open my eyes to a dark, cylindrical, empty field of freesias. I got up and walked through the shaft of flowers, I walked further and further, but saw no exit.  I kept walking till my legs failed me and I collapsed once again.  My body was lightweight and as I fell, it felt as if I was floating. I landed in slow motion on the untainted white petals that surrounded the entire cylinder.  The flower bed began to sway as my body sank under the blooming surface. The roots began to wrap me tightly, it got harder to breathe, I struggled till I was finally covered completely, devoured by the toxic stems.


I woke up and gasped heavily.  I checked my body and the surroundings, I was back in my car, back at the tunnel, all in its place, from head to toe in one piece.  I froze for a minute trying to comprehend what just happened.  Maybe I passed out due to lack of sleep and stress, otherwise how could I explain these preposterous events.  I’ve probably been too tense lately, maybe all that has occurred was my exhausted mind warning me to take it easy or I’ll become insane.

By far this was the worst decision I had ever made.  My entire body was aching all over, my bones felt heavy as they dragged my entire frame, and my head and chest wouldn’t stop throbbing.  Upon entering my apartment, I laid flat on the sofa, regretting my relentless actions, moreover the dreading feeling that tomorrow was Monday again and I felt like a ton of bricks over me.  I stretched my arms in front of me and stared listless at my hands.  I knew my wrists were also hurting but I paid no attention to the pain since it was just one more sore joint, however, upon inspection I noticed strange marks that were definitely not there this morning.  I sprung from the sofa, eyes still fixed at my hands, surprised and disturbed.  The marks resembled those of a rope that was tangled to tight around someone’s wrists.  At that moment, I remembered the roots from the flower, straining me to the point of choking.  I hurry to the mirror in the bathroom and search around my neck…same marks.  I took my clothes off and examined my entire body.  I covered my mouth in shock.  I had fresh markings all over, at every single part the plant had embraced me with its strong clasp.  I didn’t want to believe that what happened there wasn’t actually a dream, but reality.  I was dumbfounded, and I began to question if my imprudent spontaneous decision had caused me to get cursed somehow…Way to go Lai, you have dug your own grave, thumbs up you idiot.

This wouldn’t have happened if I hadn’t been stubborn and made a proper research regarding the matter. I ran towards my computer, and like a crazy woman typed the name of the tunnel…Mirai Tunnel, hunted, boy, ghosts, curse…anything that would help me understand what was going on.  I couldn’t have been the only one to experience such bizarre things, there definitely had to be some sort of explanation, the more natural the better.  I guess I refused to believe that it was something supernatural, maybe it had something to do with the air of the place, strange chemicals or something.  Anything but supernatural, I definitely wanted to discard that possibility.

After hours of searching, the only thing that I found was that there used to be a neighborhood near the tunnel and that it was left inhabited when they decided to construct the main highway.  It was called Mirai Tunnel, because the architecture and technology implemented was pretty “advanced” for the time that was made, and they believed that it would become a model for future tunnels, and it would prevail for centuries to come.  The aim was to make a safe tunnel that everyone could use, that would serve as a connection between nature and our modern times… that explains the uselessly bright lights. Therefore, they believed that building a neighborhood near the structural masterpiece would attract more people and continue a healthy balance between nature and society.  However, with the fact that the houses surrounded a huge mountain of rocks, there was a high risk of eruption, so the people began to feel less safe and each year more and more residents migrated to the city.  This caused the Tunnel to deteriorate with time; therefore, the government decided to build the main highway far from the tunnel, since it was actually a more accessible channel to get to the city.  Nevertheless, the tunnel remained for those who wish to use it.

What a load of BS…if there was a safer rout to get to the city why build the damn tunnel in the first place.  This was absolutely no help at all.  There hadn’t even been any accidents reported involving a child and definitely no records of any weird sightings… Yup, I was going crazy.  Or maybe it wasn’t really a child or a ghost…  Well whatever it was I do not want to see it again.

That night I went early to bed since I felt like shit.  I must have become a devoted Christian after the incident, because I’ve been praying nonstop before going to sleep.  Hopefully I get some shot eye tonight and forget today or yesterday ever happened.

It’s quiet, it’s very quiet.  The sweet freesia scent again, what is this? What is going on? I can’t see anything, I can’t move.

 não chore se você se comportar e ficar quieto, o homem do saco não vai encontrar a você”

 What? A woman’s voice. What is that? What does it mean? Sounds Italian…no, Portuguese? “Hello! Is anyone there? Can you hear me?”

 It became clearer and I saw a man sitting at the edge of the bed.  I know I was resting in my room, but this place was definitely not my room.  Where am I? I don’t recall waking up and leaving my apartment.  Who is that man? Is he not aware of my presence? He’s holding a cellphone, he looks worried.  I can’t move and words aren’t coming out of my mouth.  I feel an unbearable pressure in my abdomen and all my extremities.  Am I tied against something? Have I been kidnapped? Who is this man?

 He dialed something in his phone, he seemed to be calling someone.  He nervously shook his leg while massaging his forehead in a worried manner.  I couldn’t make out his face, I could only see his back and the view was rather blurry.  He looked young, maybe late twenties or early thirties? He appeared to be concerned about something.  He was talking on the phone, but I couldn’t hear what he was saying.  I tried concentrating on the muffled sound coming from his mouth and was able to recognize a few words, “How much…knows?”

 “How much, knows what? I struggled to set free, but it was no use, my body wasn’t responding. I let out a desperate cry, it certainly came from my mouth, but it didn’t sound like my voice.  It sounded like a much younger and tender whine.  The man stopped his conversation by the phone and slowly began to turn around after letting out a menacing groan, “PARA DE CHORAR”…


I jumped in my bed after hearing that damn ringtone.  Jesus, why do I always forget to turn that off.  I grabbed my chest and after a few seconds I realized I was back home.  I looked at the time, it was 11:45pm.  It was a private number “Who the hell is calling me this late?”  I picked up and heard a wail. I panicked and swallowed hard.

“Hello? Who is this?” I frantically asked

“Sorry to call so late, I didn’t know who else to call”

It was Ren, the friend who got married, it was strange enough that she was calling, it was even stranger that she was calling at that hour, we weren’t really that close.

“Oh it’s ok, what is it, are you alright? I heard your honeymoon was cancelled”

With a squealing resonance she answered, “I think I’m in trouble Lai, I think you are the only person that can help”

“Calm down what are you talking about?”

“I’m not sure, but I think I made a mistake, I feel something bad is going to happen”

“Slow down so I can understand you.  What are you…” I brusquely stopped speaking.  In front of me was a small figure, it was dark, so I couldn’t make out what it was.  The unidentified human-like shape stood there without making a sound.  Its head sluggishly moved toward the purse I had that night and back to me.  I was interrupted by Ren’s voice coming from the other side of the phone, “hello? Lai, you there?”

I answered with a cold tone, eyes still fixed on that demon, “sorry, now’s not a good time, I’ll call you later”

“Lai, wait…” I hung up, I glanced at the purse, then I looked back at the thing in the room, but it had already disappeared.

To be continued…

Author’s Note: I’m not fluent in Portuguese, if there are any mistakes, I’m terribly sorry.  If you have any corrections, I would gladly apply them and would be grateful for your help.

By Jess

Part 1

Part 4

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