The Boy At The End Of The Tunnel (Part 2)

The Tunnel

After a sleepless night I woke up, slid out of bed and contemplated my haggard physique for half a minute.  I tried to convince myself that that night never happened, but it vividly replayed over and over in my head, without rest, and without ending.  An AHS episode eternally on repeat.  I’ve never been the prettiest girl in the bunch, but I had my distinguished features that weren’t that bad; however, in just one night my face looked as if 10 years ran over me without warning.  My face was bloated, my lips were cracked, and my eyes were swollen and surrounded by dark circles.  I just couldn’t get that boy’s image out of my mind; I only took a slight look, but his aching glare was engraved in the core of my brain.  At that moment I decided to do something so stupid, my intellect clearly malfunctioned, I was going back to the tunnel.

I applied makeup to try and cover my worn-out face as much as possible.  I wore a cute lightweight parka and jeans.  I might not be a people person, but I admit I like the attention, but not too much, I’m not an attention whore.   Too much attention makes me anxious, but just the right amount of attention, makes me feel wanted I mean it’s not like I was meeting anyone, but you never know when you might encounter your future hubby along the way.  I headed towards the car and hesitated for a while.  Had I seriously gone mad? After all those things I said last night and all the movies I’ve seen? Keep it together Lai, this was not a movie, and you won’t be certain of what you saw if you don’t go.  What if a kid needed my help and I completely ignored it?  I could’ve searched for strange sighting in tunnels to see if anyone had experienced the same thing, or at least something similar; but to be honest, I was really curious and wanted to see for myself.

I started the car and tried to look for the same location in the GPS…crap! That night I drove like crazy without even paying attention to road signs or location, I just wanted to make it back home safe, I couldn’t remember where it was. I searched for tunnels nearby and calculating the approximate distance, and also comparing the pictures and its length.  I concluded that it was the “Mirai Tunnel”, the longest in the area.  It was located in the old road that led to the city.  After the construction of the main highway, not many people passed by that place.  It’s a route that is not well known, so there was not a lot of information about it.  There’s where I was heading to.

I finally arrived at the location, it looked like a completely different place.  It was definitely the same tunnel, but it gave off a different air.  The eerie vibe it gave the night before, was replaced by a lively sense once the day light hit the walls.  Hard to believe this was the same place. Still, it was as deserted as the last time.  I park the car in a corner by the entrance and get off to inspect the area.  Once I approached the tunnel, I felt a little lightheaded.  Was it the lack of sleep? Or was there really something supernatural?  I gulped and tensed but kept walking. I stopped right in front of the entrance and looked around.  I don’t know what I was hoping to find, but I was internally screaming “what are you doing, get the out of there!” to myself.   I crouched to see if I found anything suspicious, nada, absolutely nothing.  The place looked as if no one had stepped on it in ages.  It was a bit deteriorated; it probably hasn’t had any maintenance for years.  It occurred to me that if someone were to commit a crime, this place would be the perfect site. A solitary tunnel, isolated from civilization, no cameras, no witnesses, the best place to not leave any evidence.

While I looked around, I felt like fainting and everything around began to spin.  My head was about to explode from the pain.  What is this? I thought to myself. I felt nauseous and stumbled to the ground and a tongue click was heard, followed by a snivel and distorted whisper. As dizzy as I was, I bounced back up and was woken up from my trance by my loud ringtone. Damn it, I always forget to change that ringtone, it startles me every time I hear it.  I grab my phone from the saddle bag wrapped around my shoulder, I looked at it, only to find out it was Mara.

Mara is my friend, she self-proclaimed herself to be my best friend, so I went with it.  She is nice but she is a magnet for gossip, so I always like to keep a certain distance from her and prevent ratting out unnecessary things.  She never calls unless is for more gossip. I usually ignore her calls, but I was so nervous, I needed to hear someone else’s voice.  After I answered a loud screeching sound was heard.

“What the hell Mara? Are you there?” I blurted out.  From the other end I could finally make out Mara’s voice

“Hello? Can you hear me?”

“Yes, what is it? Why are you calling?” I responded with a sigh of relief

“Girl why you always so rude every time I call?  You have been MIA since last night.  I was starting to worry; you didn’t even answer my texts.  Did you get home alright?”

“If I didn’t, I wouldn’t have answered, and if I ignored your messages it was because all you did was send pictures of the wedding with a ‘constructive criticism’ of each of the bridesmaids”

“Why can’t you just answer a simple, ‘I’m alright, thanks for worrying’ like a normal person would do”

“Because I’m not normal and I’m still pissed at you for making me go to that wedding, I almost di…” I stopped mid-sentence because if I kept going, I would have to explain the whole thing and that would just make me sound like a lunatic.  Not to mention I came back here out of my own stupidity. “I was just tired; you know I don’t like that kind of environment”

“Whatever girly, as long as you’re ok…anyway I heard their honeymoon was cancelled off suddenly, apparently the groom…” I quickly interrupted her before she could even finish, I knew where she was going with that, and I wasn’t the least bit interested. “Bye” I said and hung up.

I knew she was genuinely worried, but my asshole personality didn’t let me give her a normal sincere answer.  I was glad to hear from her at that time, but that was all I was willing to hear. I rolled my eyes, let out a small chuckle and went back to the car.  What was I expecting to find, I’m no detective, and I’m most certainly no medium.  “I’d better get going before anything stranger happens” I thought.   I jump back in the car hoping I could disappear fast from there and l leave this nightmare behind.  As I got in, my vision got blurry and my legs went numb, I heard the same faint whisper I had heard before, but this time I could make out a phrase, “Homem do Saco”.  My heart sank as my eyes opened wide and the whimper became louder and louder.  The tunnel shrunk right in front of me and I couldn’t breathe.  I grabbed my chest tightly, losing grip of my inhibitions, slowly falling under an unwanted slumber.  As my eyes were closing, I saw the naked boy’s silhouette once again.  I managed to catch a glimpse of his head tilting to the side while he stared at me.  All I could distinguish was the deep, murky void in his gaze and his shape moving towards me.  Just like that, I blacked out.

To be continued…

By Jess

Part 1

Part 3

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