The Treasure of Death: Epilogue

At the fine streets of Port Royale, a fine man wandered calmly, showing his authority and greeting all the civilians that passed by. He made its way to enter a dark alley before night fell. He knew pirates were coming this way and that is he was seen in his uniform, they will all dare to kill him. However, he had something in its favor and was the person he was meeting with.

“Can we have a nice time, dear?” said a woman with questionable reputation as he entered a tavern filled with many young and old people drinking. He ignored the lady as he kept on approaching a particular spot in the place. He looked to the tall, strong guardian with a determined face.

“How come a fearless creature like you may need the help of a brute man?” he said as the guardian moved his arms, getting ready to fight him.

“And how come a man of such reputation dares to wander through the streets of Port Royale, alone?” A mature woman replied from her seat as she motioned to the guardian to calm himself. “The only reason I see for you to do this, is that you need my help.”

“His ship sunk 3 months ago during a pirate attack. There were no survivors, and exactly a week ago rumors say they’ve seen Drovin’s ship sailing back from…” he said before getting interrupted.

“Isn’t that what you wanted? To teach him about life out at the Seven Seas?”

“Not about the life he’s meant to live.”

“Take it as a payment for what you did to me all those years ago.”

“He’s our so-“

“Don’t live up to the legend. I am what I am and you took advantage of me. Now you have to pay the price of losing him in battle.”

Suddenly, a huge noise of drunk men fighting in the tavern could be heard. The woman smirked as she returned to her first position at her chair. “You’re the authority, do your duty and control the place.”

“You’re a ruthless monster who doesn’t know what motherly love is. I should’ve killed you when I got the chance.”

“I would’ve prefer that rather than living the moment we met for a hundred years.”

“Remember this you worthless creature. I will do everything I can to destroy everything you know. Mark my words, because it’ll happen when you least expect it.”

With that, the man got up from the table and left with a fast pace. The woman watched him go with a smirk while she pulled out a clear collar whose jewel reflected two young souls sailing on a ship towards Kallisto.

“Oh, I will make you suffer as much as I did love. Just you wait.”

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