The Treasure of Death: Part 11

It took me a while to get to a safe spot at the beach. I was tired, but worried about Anya’s safety. She hasn’t woke up, or made an involuntarily move since I got her out of the Kraken’s wrath. With my trembling arms I managed to place her on the sand, hoping that she’ll be okay. By instinct I touch her delicate face with my wet hands, praying the Lord that it weren’t too late.

“Please, please Anya…” I said with mixed feelings. “You can do this. You can’t die here, please…”

Then I feel a presence behind me, staring at us. I turn around and see Anne’s upper body staring at us in sadness. By that time I felt my tears rolling my face as I let out a huge scream of frustration.  I wanted to speak, curse the moment I decided to create all the lies about the treasure that turned out to be real. At this moment I simply wished that I died during my first encounter with the pirates. But no, I had to lie and instinctively find a way to survive such horrible destiny.

Anne looked at me in silence for five minutes. “You truly love her.”

“Oh shut up, it was a debt! I owed her my life. I should’ve been the one who died! Not her!” I said in rage as she lowered her head. “All of this because of this stupid treasure! If only I had told the truth. If only I had made everything right. She…she…”

“She would’ve ended up with someone she doesn’t love.” Anne said. “Don’t blame yourself for the kind of life she chose to live. Besides, the treasure is real after all.”

“I never wanted it. I never wanted this, I only wanted to have a normal life as a sailor but this happened and now…Now I’m all alone.”

Anne stood silent for many minutes as I kept on mourning Anya’s death. Suddenly, someone came closer to us and kneeled. I looked around only to see Anne in her human form, taking Anya’s knife and looking at her with determination.

“What are you…?” I said before she made a painful gasp as she cut her hand. Blood was coming out of it as she quickly reached a cracked coconut to use it as a cup. I watched how the blood filled it as she murmured strange words in a weird dialect. Then she went to the sea, grabbed a small amount of water and started mixing it up as she spoke.

“Make her drink it.” She said as she returned, giving me the cup. “She must drink it all.”

“What is this?” I asked.

“A forbidden ability our kind has. It’s only used for those who deserve it. Usually is made between a human and a mermaid, and there are no witnesses.”

She looked to her. “Her blood’s not worthy of this, but yours is.” She placed the cup in my hand before kissing me again. “We should’ve met under different circumstances, but I guess destiny has different plans for us.”

And with that she went into the sea and disappeared. I stood in shock for a moment before looking down at the cup she gave me. Then I gave it to Anya and made her drink it all.  “Hope this works out well, come on Anya.”

After five minutes of waiting, her face moved as she started coughing, spilling water out of her mouth as I lift her up so she could be more comfortable. Her big eyes wandered in confusion before landing into mines. “What…what happened?”

“You’re back…” was all I managed to say while mentally thanking Anne for what she did. Anya smiled at me before we hugged each other for a moment. “I thought I lost you.”

“I thought ya’ dead. How come…” she asked while remembering everything. After all the explanation I gave to her, she gave me a look of determination before standing up.

“The bloody Treasure of Death. Who would’ve thought, right?!” she said as she stared into the sunset, placing her arms on her hips. “Now what?”

“I thought you had an idea.” I replied, earning an amused looked from her as she turned around gracefully.

“I came back from the dead ya’ know. Ya’ gotta give me a break.” She said before we both started laughing. “Ah, a good pile of rum would be nice at this hour.”

“I guess so”

“Ya’ guess so?!” she laughed. “Ya’re surely not from this world.”

“Well, I can breathe underwater thanks to a mermaid.”


We stood in silence, processing the whole situation we were in.

“Ma’ father’s ship should be somewhere.”

“If the kraken hasn’t sunk it already.”

“Such a pessimistic lad!” she got up. “Come on, we gotta leave this place before it kills us. The sea is callin’g us mate!” she made a few steps before realizing that I wasn’t following her. “Ya’ alright?!”

“Is just…” I hesitated for a moment. “Where are we going? There’s no map, no tale to follow. And I almost lost you, forever. I don’t know if o could live with that if it happens again.”

“We no longer have a debt Henry. We’re free to travel the Seven Seas with our own crew.” She said while giving me her hand. “We can conquer all the treasures we want.”

“But I don’t want any treasure. I want something else…” I replied while turning around to watch the horizon. “I want to know what and why am I like this. I want…”

“To know the truth about ya’ parents…” she said while sighing. “Well, we can go there but we need a crew.”

“Why do you insist so much in a crew?!”

“Every sailor has to have a crew even for the craziest of adventures. Come on, don’t shy away from the destiny that’s been bringin’ us together.” She said while smiling. I stared at her for a while, watching how she expected me to take her hand and follow her lead.

But it was now or never. I took her hand and suddenly pulled her closer to me and kissed her passionately. She was in shock at first but then she kissed me back.  Tangling my hands in her hair I made a slight pressure so I could know that this moment was real and not any crazy dream. We broke the kiss once we were out of air and stared into each other’s eyes.

“I needed to do it.” I said quickly as I caressed her cheek.

“Took ya’ long enough. I had to die for ya’ to realize how ya’ feel towards me?” she teased as I laughed awkwardly.

“I promise next time I won’t take that long.” I replied as we started walking away to find the ship.

“Ya’ better!”




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