The Treasure of Death: Part 10

I was stupid enough to believe that the columns were easy to break. As I went there to push them, I realized that they were bigger than I thought. No wonder those two columns have been holding the entire cave God knows for how long.

I inspected them for a while, trying to see a weak spot where I could break through. Suddenly, I felt the presence of a strange creature coming from beneath me. The water became darker as the crumbing sound came upon me. Then a few tentacles tried to reach my body but I quickly swam away.

“The Kraken…” I murmured.

As I came to the realization that there was a living creature waiting for its prey beneath the caves I surprisingly heard Anya’s scream and struggling to win the fight. It was obvious that by this time, she got captured by the rest of the pirates. Then there was silence for a couple of minutes, until a gun shot was heard.

My heart jumped frantically as I moved by instinct to where I previously was. Then I looked down waiting for the Kraken to appear again. It did and this time with more speed and strength. I moved away to one of the columns, waiting for the tentacles to break it.

Anya was struggling to break free from Dan’s pirates in order to reach her now dead father. She was doing her best to hold her tears as she tried to overcome the men’s strength but it was no use. They were so many of them, and the rest of the sailors who were from Captain Drovin are now from Dan’s. And what’s worse, she couldn’t escape from the horrible fate she was about to face, as Captain Dan’s new property.

“Well, now that ya’r beloved Captain, and father, is gone ya’ have to make a choice. Either ya’ll stay with me and enjoy the treasure no men could ever find, or ya’ suffer the same fate as ya’r dear Drovin!” he said while pointing his gun towards the dead body.

“Ya’re a monster!” Anya yelled. “Ya’ were his friend!”

“Pirate friends, missy!” he replied as he took her closer. “It wasn’t my intention to go this far with ya’ father but he left me no choice. He preferred to be a pirate and embraced his true nature ‘till his last breath.”

He turned to face the sailors. “Now that ya’ve made a choice, let’s all enjoy the treasure before parting away…and maybe…” he grinned to Anya “ ya’ and I will get some time alone now as ma’ brand new woman”

Anya was ready to spit his face when suddenly the floor crumbled. All the sailors stopped picking up all the jewels and gold and quickly tried to run away. Sadly, the floor broke into pieces and the ceiling started to fall down. The gold and all the jewels started to fall into the sea as water filled the cave. Everyone started to panic and ran into different directions, trying to find the exit.

Anya took the chance to kick Captain Dan and tried to run away. Of course, following her father’s piracy nature she took a small chance to steal a golden necklace and put it on before leaving.

“If I get out of this alive, I might sell this to the highest bidder” she said in a survival mode.

Unfortunately, she felt a huge pain in her chest as her body went numb. She could no longer use her legs and desperately used her arms to keep moving forward. She even started dodging the pile of rocks that were falling from the ceiling.

Then, she saw how some huge tentacles appeared from the broken floor, destroying everything it touched. Anya was trembling as she realized that the Kraken was the cause of all of this. That’s when she realized that this was more than just a treasure no men could find, this was a treasure of death.

She saw how her hands became purple as she realized she was running out of air. She made a final scream, desperate to call for help from someone who will save her. But she was alone, her father was dead, Henry was dead, her whole crew was probably dead too…

And before she noticed, she was already drowning underwater.

I saw how the whole cave broke into pieces as many sailors fell to the water, desperate to find a way to escape. The Kraken didn’t wasted time and quickly started taking the lifeless bodies of all the pirates and ate them alive. One my one started disappearing in front of my bare eyes.

But I still wasn’t calm. I needed to check if Anya made it to the exit. I knew I wasn’t gonna be calm until I made sure she was safe.

I was about to leave before I hear a haunting scream coming from outside. It was terrifying. It took me less than a minute to see Anya’s lifeless body falling into the water and being almost at the reach of one of the Kraken’s tentacles.

“Anya!” I yelled while swimming as fast as I could to reach her. The Kraken got the chance to take one of her legs but I managed to catch her from her upper body. Unfortunately, the tentacle got a strong grip so it was already dragging us down. I had to find a way to reach her leg and unlock the boot so she could get free.

Once I did that I took her away to the surface. I made sure I changed to location so the kraken wouldn’t find us and went on a different side of the island as fast as I could.


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