One Kiss

One kiss is all I ask
Just a small simple task
One kiss is all I want
Is it something you will grant?

Trembling lips
and sweaty palms.
Your finger slips,
my muscles spasms.

You approach with still, fixed eyes,
I gulp, you sigh.
A dreary breath that torment skies.
Should I take it as a sign?
Do you not wish to bind such ties?

One kiss is all I ask
Why does it cause such distress?
While my mouth is slack?
Was this your game?
Was I your prey?
My mind is a complete mess,
but you soothe my heart with your caress.

You stare and smile,
I grab your thighs
and clench my fist.
You hold my wrist,
and with just one kiss,
I start to cry
for quite a while

Was it just a kiss I wished to get?
Or did I crave your taste since the day we met?
I thought one kiss would be enough,
But watching you leave is too tough,
For just one kiss is all it meant,
And just one kiss is all I’ll get.

One kiss was all I asked,
And one kiss was all there was.

By Jess

Categories Poetry, Submissions

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