I’ve tried so hard my dear to show

that you’re my every dream.

Yet you’re afraid of me,

or of the freedom I can give.

I’ve tried too hard to show you my love.

Yet you ignore me and pretend that there’s no “us.”

But that trust we’ve built between us…

The friendship as we became close…

If you ever knew about this,

Will you stay here beside me?

Will you see me the way I see you?

Will you reciprocate the feelings I have for you?

All this questions inside my mind

are slowly taking my sanity.

I want peace in my heart.

I blame you for entering my life like this!

But also I blame myself for allowing you to let me in!

You told me about your family, your childhood,

and you opened my heart as I told you mine too.

But then you ignore me, and pretend there’s nothing more

than just a co-working behavior for 8 hours long.

Maybe I was too naïve.

Maybe I was too optimistic.

Maybe I thought that at last, I could find someone appealing to me.

Or a true friend for the next 30 years.

Maybe you will leave first to find another path in life,

or you already have someone else that melted your heart.

If so, oh how lucky that person may be

to have the attention of such human being!

I pray to the Divine Glory to give you happiness.

Even if I’m not in it, even if destiny doesn’t write it.

I want you to be free, I want you to be happy.

That’s my wish for you, even if you step away from me.


By: Carmen A. Figueroa Guzmán

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