The Treasure of Death: Part 9

The place was huge, mysterious yet fascinating. It was a cave filled with many visible water canals that connected the floor to the wall, the ceilings and vice versa. Some of them even connected to huge waterfalls that ended up in a pool of eternal amounts of gold, minerals and many riches no man could have ever imagined in their lives.

The crew went crazy and rushed to the treasure in joy. They were trying to carry all the amounts of gold with their bare hands. Some of them even dared to start drinking rum out of nowhere. Anya and I stood frozen, watching the wonders that lied in front of us.

“Ya’re free.” She said after a huge breath. “Ya fulfilled the quest of findin’ the treasure.”

“This is too good to be true” I replied in a skeptical tone. “How am I gonna be able to go back where I belong? I don’t have a ship.”

“Father will return to Kallisto and enjoy…all of this.”

“Well, at least you don’t have to marry that creepy other pirate”

She turned to face me. “Ya’ can stay… and sail the Seven Seas and go on an adventure.”

I laughed, “Believe me, I won’t sail the Seven Seas with your father ever again even if-“

“I didn’t mentioned ma’ father.” She said while staring at me intensely, suddenly we heard people coming from behind us. It was the Pirate’s Lord Enemy. The one we fought back at Kallisto. He arrived with all of his armed crew, ready to fight.

“Well, ya’ surely got the treasure no men could find” he said to Captain Drovin with an evil smile.

“Ah, Dan” he replied while standing up. “I knew ya’ were coming.”

“Aye, I couldn’t let ya’ get away with the treasure all on ya’ own.”

“Ya’re right. Is somethin’ I would’ve done if I were on ya’ place. But since I’m not” he said while unleashing his sword. “I can’t let ya’ get ma’ treasure.”

“That’s what I thought” he said while unleashing his sword and giving the signal to all his men to fight against us. In a matter of second we all got immersed in the fight for our lives. Anya and I stood back to back, helping each other defeat our enemies.

“We’re in disadvantage!” Anya yelled as she dodged the enemy’s attack. “Soon we’ll be killed if we don’t turn this at our favor!”

“Well you’re the pirate think of something only pirates do!” I replied as I struggled to fight another pirate man.

“I’m doin’ what pirates do! Besides ya’re the one who survived a siren’s drownin’!” she said while turning to face me for a moment. “And don’t ya’ dare tell me ya’ don’t know what I’m talkin’ about because I’ve seen the creature followin’ us ever since before we arrived.”

“That’s it!” I said as I gasped and suddenly pushed the pirate to the ground and went into one of the water canals. Anya looked at the canal in shock before rolling her eyes.

“I hope this crazy guy knows what he’s doin”

Meanwhile, I kept on swimming under and under until I couldn’t see nothing else but blue. I hold my breath for a while, hoping that Anne might appear from somewhere as she has done for the past times. Unfortunately, there was no sign of her around and I started to doubt my crazy decision to look for her help in times like this.

I felt my heart pound stronger, telling me that I needed air. I closed my eyes trying to control myself and hold on a little bit longer but it was no use. My hands started moving uncontrollably. My legs too. I moved my head trying to shake away the thought of looking for air but it was too late.

Suddenly, a voice I recognized quickly spoke to me. “Don’t forget you’re one of our kind.”

I opened my eyes and I saw Anne looking at me with curiosity as I quickly let go of the air that I was holding. I stood in silent for a moment, internalizing the fact that I was breathing underwater.

“Your father didn’t told you?” she asked.

“T-tell me…what?” I managed to say.

“Of course not” she replied with a smile. “It would’ve endangered you.”

“Tell me a way to save Anya from her father and all the pirates. We’re in great danger, Anne.”

Her smiled faded away. “She really means that much to you? Is she worthy of your feelings?”

“I owe her. She helped me find the treasure. A treasure I invented all of the sudden.”

“A treasure no men could find. All except you.”

“What do you mean?”

“You’re the living proof of our existence. When our long lost princess decided to be different from us and joined the world of humans…for love.”

I looked at her in shock, not believing her. “Are you sure of what you’re saying? This is nonsense!”

“Then why you’re breathing underwater?”

“Because you kissed me during the attack!”

“That only works for a small amount of time” she replied as I shook my head in confusion. “The treasure is yours your majesty. It had always been. You can do with it whatever you want.”

I thought for a moment about all the things she had said to me. “I couldn’t believe it, first I’m captured by the worst pirates of all the Seven Seas, and then I met his daughter who is really pretty and badass but also a huge pain in the ass. Then their arch enemy whose name turns out to be Dan, is trying to kills us for a treasure that apparently is mine because I’m the son of the tale of the sailor who fell in love with a mermaid who turns out to be their ruler to their kingdom?! I need a break!”

But then, something hits me. Captain Drovin and his crew are about to steal the treasure of an unknown kingdom. My mother’s kingdom. My kingdom. What kind of a ruler I might be if I let them go away with it? This is the treasure no men could find, a treasure that has a curse of unleashing the horrible truths about your existence.

“You could get it later. Every jewel is cursed. Every man who is unworthy and touched the treasure will no longer see the next sunrise.”

“b-because they’re commoners…”

She nodded. “Time’s running, the columns are weak under the cave, and the girl is about to face the worse destiny a woman can get.”

And with that she disappeared. I turned to the way she went, revealing two unusually thin columns supporting the floor of the cave. I took a huge breath as I inspected the place.

“I got no choice. And this is the only way.”



By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

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