A False Memory

The trickling of rain would normally ruin camping. But you were adamant that this was the absolute best time to visit El Yunque, the rainforest. The slipperiness of the stone paths could have well been our downfall. But you craved adventure, didn’t you? And you wanted me to give it to you as a relief from the dreariness of metropolitan life. It’s ok, I thought we would be extra careful. Maybe they would close El Yunque and we would end up at a motel or a mall. I’m too conscious of the dangers Mother Nature can throw upon the meek and ignorant. But it was open. And it wasn’t raining that much.


I turned to you and saw your big smiling face; I hadn’t seen you as excited or happy in a few years. I looked deep into your eyes and you teased me for being too worried about the weather. We grabbed our bags and you threw my umbrella back in the car. “Don’t be so afraid of the water!” I sighed and I accepted our watery fate. We talked about the stuff we usually did: your mom was bugging you, your brother was bugging you, your hopes for the future and how you job at Olive Garden sucked. I knew it would always get better eventually, and your mom had lightened up. I talked about my roleplaying games, new stories, and political stuff. As we went to the path, we noticed that there weren’t a lot of people around. You kissed me, biting my lower lip. I responded by tugging on your hair and spanking your butt. We held hands as I was trying to talk about a story idea, but you were distracted. I made sure that when we passed the more treacherous parts, I passed first and made sure you were able to cross. Which was stupid, you were taller than me and could pass easier than I did.


The rain started to pick up, and I looked at you. Your hair started to straighten out under the pressure of the water, your brown skin glistened with the droplets attached to your face, and your shirt started to reveal the secrets it kept. Lucky me. You obviously noticed me running my mind and you teased me once more, right before you stole a kiss from me. You spoke about getting back into school and trying to get two degrees: one in teaching and one in science. I thought you were crazy, but I knew you could do it. We tracked through mud to find where we were supposed to be: the waterfall.


“Time to go back”. I never got to say that because you immediately took of your shirt. You said no one was there, and that if we could take a quick dip at the waterfall, it would be fine. You undressed down to your underwear, as did I, and we jumped in. We frolicked and splashed about, keeping an eye on our surroundings. However, no one was here, because no one else would’ve taken the risk. Or at least, the ones that would take the risk would not come that day. So, a thought came to mind: what if we made love right then and there? I grabbed your face, kissed you, and told you how much I loved you, my Black Pearl. You replied, and we had fun entangling our bodies in pleasure, I getting to taste you at your most intimate spots and you leaving our mark on my lips and neck. It was quick, it was brief, but it was truly magical.


Thunder cracked, and the fun was over. Disappointment in your eyes I gave you kisses and coaxed you out. The way back was silent, but I held unto you harder than before. I didn’t want to lose you. I wanted moments like these to be forever. I wanted you to glisten as you did, my Pearl. I knew we would go back to mundanity but, in the safety of the forest, we found a cure to that. We kissed, and you bit me even more, marking your property. We realized we didn’t have spare clothes when we arrived at the car, so we just laughed it off. We got sick with the flu, and mine lasted more time, so I guess I won that competition. Yet, that was just a precious memory I held on tightly to.

. . .


Or at least it might have been. In life’s twists and turns, we did have moments like those. But as I said, I yearned for the perpetuity of your kisses and bites. And right now, I’m left yearning. Are these scenarios and fantasies a remedy or a curse? The thoughts about you in your wedding dress, your completion of degrees, your bright smile that was infectious taking over the room, and your skin upon mine are all that are left. I have memories, beautiful ones with you. But I can’t say they are enough right now. So, I would like to make a fantasy to keep you alive as much as possible. A fantasy that maybe I can believe one day, and pass it on.


By: Porrata

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