The Treasure of Death: Part 8

I gulped. “The-the way?” I asked in a nervous tone. Anya didn’t said anything and kept on staring at me, as well as the other pirates. Her father looked at me with doubt in his eyes as he pointed his sword at me.

“Well?” he insisted, his tone changing to a warning one. I took a big breath and took a few steps forward as I inspected the place. To be honest I was begging God for a chance where he might give me a signal that pointed something that looked like a pirate’s treasure. Unfortunately, the cave didn’t showed that much, only rocks and some dark spots where I assume were other entrances that connected to the sea.

I was approaching the dead end of the cave, and I almost could tell that Captain Drovin was about to stab me from the back in anger. I could smell the old metallic material forged into the sword. I could sense how sweaty my hands became as soon as I made another step that brought us closer to the dead end. I tried to glance at Anya, checking if I could at least make her tell a story or something that could distract the entire crew. But even if she did something as genuinely stupid as that, it would risk her life since she could be considered as a traitor while I could be officially seen as a liar. Not to mention the fact that there’s no escape route from here.

I lowered my head before I suddenly heard something coming from the floor. There was a quick flash coming from the water. The same flash I used to saw at the ship right before we arrived at the island.

“Where is the treasure?!” said one of the crew members. “I don’ see anything!”

“I knew it! This boy has been lyin’ to us!” another said.

“Off with his head!”

“Better yet, we take his eyes and make him squeeze them in his mouth!” another suggested.

“That’s gross!” another complained. “How can you make him eat his eyes if his head has been chopped off?!”

“Don’t be such an idiot! We take his eyes before cuttin’ his head!”

“But you haven’t even waited for me to explain!” I yelled in panic, gaining the attention of everyone.

“Well explain now, ‘cause I’m runnin’ outta’ patience!” Drovin said. “Many things are in the game boy, and if this turns out to be a scam ya’ll be payin’ the prize.”

“He will not be paying the prize” said a voice I recognized very well. Everyone looked at where it came from and spotted in one of the holes the pale, dark haired siren I met days ago.

“Anne…” I murmured as she gave a cold look at the pirates. “Only the chosen one is able to see the path to get the Treasure of Death”.

“So there is a treasure…” Drovin said as the crew members nodded in approval.

“Ya’ said death.” Anya said. “Why is it called like that?”

Anne didn’t said anything and turned to me. “Only our blood can open the gates to the treasure.”

“How? There’s a dead end here…”

“Just for the commoners”

“Enough with the talking!” he said in anger as he pulled out his gun and took Anya and aimed to her heart.

“Father!” she gasped.

“What are you doing!?” I said in surprise.

“I know how well ya’ looked at her during our trip so I know how much she means to ya’ little boy. Either ya’ take us to the treasure of she will have a tragic fate.”

“You’re lying. You wouldn’t kill your own daughter.” I replied in anger.

“Oh really?” he said as he quickly moved his gun and shot her in her face. Everyone including me jumped in shock, but once the fog disappeared we noticed that he only scratched her face as the bullet ended up at the cave’s wall.

“Look what I did to her face!” he yelled as he aimed at her chest. “Do ya’ really think I wouldn’t hesitate to finish her life?!”

“What kind of parent are you?!” I said in disgust.

“I’m not a parent, I am a pirate” he said with a smirk. “Now if you may, please.”

I made a sigh of frustration before turning around to face the wall. By that time the siren was already gone so I was now, alone by myself. I looked at the ceiling and noticed that it had traces of fresh water and it felt cold. As I touched it I realized that the wall had strange patterns in a language I never knew. Wait, those are not patterns, those are…marks.

I placed my right hand on top of a pattern that looked like mine and suddenly I saw how the strange letters and symbols translated into word that I could actually read. I concentrated a bit, trying to understand what was written but somehow, I didn’t needed that focus. I felt a strange magic flowing in me as I read the words out loud, in a way that only could be said…as if I knew them by memory.

‘If you’re worthy of this land and the treasure that it possess, you may conquer the one no men has ever found.’

There was silence at the moment. I got scared that what I read was a waste of words, air and time but then, something amazing happened. The cave started to shake a little but enough to be felt by the entire crew, and the wall begun to slip in two. As soon as it finished to shake we saw that where there once was a dead end, now there was a new entrance, covered by a waterfall. I was the first to stand up in amazement before walking slowly through it.

I stood in shock while staring at what it was before me. Then I saw how Drovin, Anya and the entire crew stood beside me. Some of them dropped their weapons while others just blinked a few times, trying to believe that what was in front of them was indeed real.

“It’s….it’s…” Anya said with surprise.

“Now this….is the treasure of the treasures…” Drovin said as everyone jumped and screamed with joy.


By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

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