The treasure of Death: Part 7

The sky was entirely clear as we kept on sailing. The siren’s attack was three days ago and ever since then, we still were on alert in case something else happened. Or if they dared to come back again. No one dared to go near the water after the huge battle we had and all the lives we’ve lost. At first, I was even afraid too of getting dragged out of the boat again but then I suddenly felt an immense curiosity. It was something almost indescribable, but I felt like if my body wanted to go back…to submerge itself in the sea… I wanted to see those deep blue eyes again. I wanted to know if what she said is true…I wanted to…

A strange reflection appeared at the sea. I blinked a few times, thinking that it was just a dolphin or any kind of fish swimming around. Then it appeared again, this time more noticeable. I gasped as I suddenly recognized her. It was Anne, the strange siren who told me that her type of blood ran through my veins. She looked at me as she kept on swimming. As she emerged I saw for the first time in my life, the true beauty that she carried in her. She had long dark hair and a pale skin, but her features were very well defined. If she were human, she definitely would’ve been a beauty.

“Ya’re quite valiant for getting that near to the water” Anya’s voice made me jump and turn to face her.

“Anya…” I replied while calming myself.

“How are ya’ feeling?” she asked while standing beside me. “After the way you survived I expected to be frightened to even get out of ya’ bed. But here you are…”

“Honestly, I don’t even know. When I was down there something strange happened.”

“Do ya’ know what they say about them?”

“That they’re evil beings that eat sailors alive by luring us into-“ I said while she rolled her eyes and interrupted me.

“The legend says that they were once women who’s heart got betrayed by the man they loved. They mostly fell in love with a sailor, but since their true love is the sea, they felt replaced. So they ended up doin’ the only thing they could do to escape their horrible reality.”

“And what was it?” I asked with curiosity.

“They threw themselves off a cliff near the water, hopin’ that with their sacrifice, the sea will someday connect their hearts and souls to the man they loved.” I saw how her eyes got lost in the horizon “but instead, they turned into monsters that only live for vengeance.”

“Land in sight!!” one of the sailors said as we suddenly turned around to look through the fog that covered everything. The climate suddenly changed, it became more cold and dark as we dig closer. Rest of other ships could be seen above water. But everything was quiet…too quiet for my taste.

I don’t know why but I subconsciously looked to where I last saw the siren. Unfortunately, she was long gone. I turned back only to see the entrance of a big cave, not big enough for the ship to get in, but inside the minds of any pirate it could only mean one thing…


“Prepare the boats” I heard Captain Drovin say as the men quickly followed his orders. I went to Anya and grabbed her hand before giving her a look.

“If something goes wrong….” I started saying

“I know” she replied before I let her go.

There was silence when we entered the cave. It was dark, and cold. We could barely watch our own feet when we walked. This is the moment that could be the end of me. In a few minutes they will all discover if the treasure I’ve been talking about is real or fake. Anya says there is a real treasure, but she’s a pirate. Pirates could never be trusted no matter if they saved your life more than once. They’re thieves and that will never change.

“Where here…” Anya murmured as we watched our surroundings carefully. Captain Drovin turned around to face me with a serious look.

“Well?” he asked while raising an eyebrow.

“……It’s supposed to be here..” I blurted out.

“Supposed? Ya’ said it was here.” He said while walking towards me in a slow yet creepy manner.

“The treasure it’s here” Anya said. “We just have to look harder.”

“Harder than the journey we’ve been through?!” said another sailor. “We’ve been through hell just to get here!!”

“I say the boy must be lyin’ to us!” another yelled.

“I’m not lying!” I yelled. “The treasure no men could find is here in this cave!”

“Prove it, or we will kill ya’ and give ya’re body to the sharks!”

“There is no case in killing him now if he knows where the treasure is” Anya said while gaining everyone’s attention. “There is no need in killing him before we get to the treasure. He’s the only one who knows the map.”

“In that case” the Pirate Lord said while taking his sword and pointing at me. “Show us the way.”

By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

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