The Treasure of Death: Part 6

Sirens emerged from everywhere, making noises that hurt our ears and almost drive us to madness. In less than a blink of an eye many men were trying to run away from the grip of the sea monsters that dragged them to the ocean, never to be seen again. Many of them tried to put of a fight and killed a few of them, but others screamed in panic the moment they stood face to face with one of them.

Unfortunately, I was in panic too. I saw how Captain Drovin kills many sirens at once. I stood frozen, watching how everything happened too quickly in front of my eyes. It wasn’t until his daughter suddenly pulled me away to kill one of those things that was about to drag me away.

“What is ya’ name?” she yelled as she killed her with her sword.

“Henry” I replied. “Yours?”

“Anya. Now, would ya’ consider be less coward and start killin’ sirens?!”

“I would love to, but I don’t have a gun.”

She rolled her eyes as she handed me her gun. “Seriously what kind of sailor are ya’?”

Anya left to join the fight again and this time, I followed her to do the same. I went to the left border of the ship to shoot at the sirens as they came out of the water but as soon as one of them jumped out I froze. She came with such force, showing her pointy teeth’s and huge arms ready to grab me. I gasped as she came near me, took me from my shoulders and pulled me off the ship. The water felt cold once she submerged me. I could hear Anya’s desperate call from afar as I tried to break free from the siren but she was too strong, and I was in her territory now.

That was it, I am going to die. Sucked into the water by the hands of a merciless flower. Wait….how long has it been since I’m underwater? Why am I breathing?

“You are special” I heard the angelic voice of the siren say. I gave her a shocked glance as she stopped swimming and released me underwater.

“W-What…” I tried to say, testing if it was true the fact that I was breathing underwater. “What did you do to me?”

She kept on looking at me with curiosity. I stood there uneasy as her deep blue eyes stared at me, looking for something I may or may not have. Really, who knows? There has been many things happening in my life that I seriously don’t know what to do anymore.

“Our blood runs in your veins” she said as she swam around me. “What is your name?”

“Uh….Henry? You haven’t answered my question”

“You’re one of us” she said as she took my face in her hands. “The tale is real…”

“I-I don’t understand you.” I replied as the sunrays cleared the sea, illuminating her beautiful face.

“Sunrise…” she murmured as she pulled me up to the surface.

“Wait!” I replied as we got out of water. I looked around to see her staring at me again. “What is your name?”

“We no longer use our names” she replied without blinking.

“Then what was your name?”

“Anne” she replied as she disappeared into the sea right before I heard Anya and Captain Drovin approaching me with the ship.

“Ya’re a lucky man!” the Pirate Lord said as I got into the ship. “Not everyone survives a siren attack.”

“What was it like mate?” a crew member asked as I got surrounded.

I shrugged as I scratched my head, “Strange. I thought I was going to die, but I broke free once the sunrise appeared. Apparently they’re scared of them.”

“Ah… but how come ya’re not dead? Ya’ve been hours underwater!”

“Aye, it’s said a kiss from one of those things can make ya’ breathe underwater.” Another man said.

“Well I haven’t thought of it. I don’t know what exactly happened!” I replied with confusion.

“Aye, enough of this lads! We got a treasure to hunt!” Anya said. “The poor mate has drank too much salt water, give him a break!”

Everyone returned to their jobs as Anya approached me with curiosity. “Just to let ya’ know, ya’ve been 5 hours underwater.”

“Five hours!” I yelled in shock.

“Aye” she said while turning around to leave. “Don’t do that ever again.”

I stood silent as she left my side, thinking of how the hell I managed to survive underwater. Why she didn’t killed me? Why that siren called Anne said I had her blood runs through my veins? I just only wanted to survive from Captain Drovin’s wrath. I was just a mere sailor who wanted to live an honorable life. Now I’m here stuck in this journey which I made up and turned out to be half true. I am getting a bad feeling about this whole situation, but I just can’t help it. I am curious and the worst part I think, is that I feel…

I feel…

….like I need to know all the secrets that are out there waiting to be unleashed.


By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

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