Far and Close

To close, to say that I didn’t see you

Yet so far that is only mirage of you.


So close, yet so unfortunately far

To tell you how I am falling apart.


So close, that I can feel you

And almost see you

And faintly sense your aroma

feeling your presence, even in a coma


Yet so far that I can’t grasp you

Nor contemplate that eternal beauty

That once led me to love you,

Your essence, which I still hold fondly

In heart and mind, that’s why I’m always wishing if only.


So distant yet so close

like the fading memory of a rose

that once laid unopposed

but now has become my deepest loss

in a fight the devil once proposed.


As for your love I would even give my soul,

Even if it meant becoming eternally cold,

As I knew your warmth would ignite me bold.

How foolish I was to believe his disguise of old,

As it was all a lie, and you further drifted into a fold

Little did I know it was all of you I had sold.


So now here I lay staring down the well,

To see if my heart can feel your presence,

Or hear some cries that can’t tell me your well,

Because since then I can’t feel your aroma’s essence.


So close that your love I can’t let die,

Yet so far that alone feels my heart,

Even though it was me who fell for the lie,

That keeps us now, forever apart.


Just know that my regret I will never deny

And will search for ways even if I must defy

The heavens and Cronus, committing the immortal crime

Of waiting and searching for you, for endless time.

By: Jan M. Ramos

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