The Treasure of Death: Part 5

We struggled to stay on the course in the middle of the thunderstorm. Captain Drovin gave us directions all the time while we desperately tried to obey him without falling into the water. Unfortunately, some of the most inexperienced men did fall off the boat, but the sea was so rough and everything was so dark we could barely see our own hands and feet. Fortunately, I was used to this kind of storm so I knew that the best way to guide myself without being taken away by the waves, was to use my hearing senses.

I learned to use my hearing senses for sailing when I was eight years old. I remember my father teaching me everything he knew about sailing before I got the age to register at the village’s navy. He knew everything I could ask him about. A word in a foreign language, the types of monsters everyone faced at the sea, the legends every sailor men commented whenever they landed on a different island, all the rules and laws the court men imposed to our way of living and why, and many, many others. He lived an honorable life while enjoying what he loved doing the most, exploring the sea with his comrades and friends. My mother couldn’t blame him, although I didn’t know her since she died when I was born, my father always told me that the sea was what connected their souls and that her voice had the most mesmerizing melody in the whole world. He always told me he sometimes hears her voice at night, whispering the same song that made them fall in love.  I bet they wanted me to live a life full of hope and adventures at the sea, just like them. But I guess, being with a crew of pirates was something they never imagined.

“I see the light!!” said a man from a far, bringing me back to reality. “The storm’s almost over!”

“Keep working and stay on ya’ course!” the Pirate Lord said before the storm disappeared. Once I turned around I noticed that the sun was already shining bright on us, and the whole crew started cheering and tasting the flavor of victory against Mother Nature.

But as soon as we saw the sun shining on us again, a strange fog appeared, covering the whole boat and making us feel extremely cold. My hands were trembling as we kept going. Then some of the crew men started seeing things in the water. At first it appeared to be simple rocks or coral riffs, but as we approached them we realized those were the leftovers of other ships.

“Whats is that?” one of the men asked.

“Danger mate” another replied. “Whenever we’re heading, danger awaits for us.”

“What creature could’ve done that?” I heard the woman say before small whispers could be heard. I went to the left side of the ship, trying to identify where the noise came from, but the fog made everything difficult. For a moment, I thought that my mind was playing games with me, so I tried to ignore the voices that came from nowhere. Maybe I needed some kind of time to rest.

“I hear them too…” the woman said while appearing at my side. It was obvious that she was tense. Her shoulders were a bit higher than usual, and her eyes looked everywhere.

“Glad to hear that I’m not going crazy.” I replied.

“Look! There she is!!” said a crew member pointing to a creature, who looked more like a woman but her skin had fish scales. Her upper body was extremely gorgeous. She was white, with blonde hair and green eyes. She was staring at us with immense curiosity and many of us stared at her back with admiration.

“Is….is…” another man said.

“I know very well who I am. I am not part of this world, neither of the next one.” She said with an amazing hypnotizing voice. “I saw you struggling to survive the storm. Do you need help on returning to your course?”

“Aye” the Captain said. “How do we know ya’ telling us the truth? We’ve heard all the stories about ya’r kind, killing pirates whenever ya’ like!”

“And will you live up to the legend? As far as I can see, there’s no way I could prove that I’m different than the others. I could leave and let you here, wandering in this eternal fog all alone until you lack any food to survive….”

“And if ya’ help us?”

“You will be the first pirate to live and tell the tale of surviving the encounter with the sirens.”

The woman approached her father, “There’s something wrong father, ya’ can’t trust her.”

“But we don’t have a way out of here.” A crew member said.

“Nobody has survived an encounter with sirens! It is impossible!”

“I was supposed to be a creature, impossible to find, impossible to feel, or to imagine…” said the creature in a singing tone. “But now I’m here, finding the love of the unknown world…”

I don’t know but something about her was mesmerizing, like the world had stopped the moment she started singing that melody. Apparently I wasn’t the only one since the crew was also hypnotized, all except for the woman who was yelling and trying to wake up all the men from their fantasies. Suddenly, many other creatures like her, but with different physical characteristics appeared, soon they started singing the same song with the same tune. It didn’t took long enough to unconsciously walk to one of them, face to face and her arms wrapped around my neck waiting for the precise moment to…

“WHAT THE HELL!?!?!” I yelled as soon as she showed her fangs ready to pull me off the ship and kill me under the sea. Only the sudden gunshot the pirate woman gave to her forehead, breaking me free.

In a blink of an eye, we were immerse in a life and death battle against the sirens.

By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

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