Monster, that creeps in, taking over motion,
Many try, but they can’t avoid his interactions,
So he laughs, as he begins to achieve a commotion,
Centered in dominance, that escalates through fractions,
Slowly but surely leading to an overbearing mental erosion.

So sound the alarms, it’s time to take action,
If not he multiplies silently, after all it is his passion,
To slay preys without notice, till satisfaction,
Then observe them, be decorations in his mansion.

So stand up, don’t just watch, cause a reaction,
Today might be them, but he’s his own faction,
Tomorrow could spell toward you the unwanted attraction.

Stop him on the tracks, bring him the attention,
The more who are aware, the more he is left in detention,
Spoken words can become weakness, if he is put into mention.

That’s why he hates when we reach mutual comprehension,
And become a united front, toward his apprehension,
That’s why, all we need is a strong communication,
Since it will be our bonds, what leads to his eradication.


By: Jan M. Ramos

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