The Lost but Wholehearted

And so, the lights were gone
Leaving stranded those who walked their roads
Guided by the shine in the end of those roads
But now they’re gone and so we walk alone,

Without a path to follow,
in a world that is bare and hollow,
Lost but free from the instructed narrows,
Free to run at any direction, but some still follow,

Believing that lights, still sleep in the shadows,
Uncertain of what will bring tomorrow,
But with hope in their eyes, their hearts still follow
Even if destination can’t be narrowed,

In a world where lights have been swallowed,
By the greed of those who won’t let us borrow,
The guiding lights, and want to see us bask in sorrow,

But they can’t see that our eyes aren’t shallow,
That darkness can’t keep us from tomorrow,
That we will fight even if we are blind,
That were not afraid and we don’t mind,
Because we can craft roads with our might
And even if those roads aren’t right,
We will continue to walk in our endless night.
Forever lost but strong and bold,
In this world were the embers have gone cold.


By: Jan M. Ramos

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