They lied, instilling fear,
Calling it problematic
each time you appear,
Until it became automatic,
The disdain shared by peers.

And so it has been through time,
That your presence has become a crime,
In the eyes that ignore the shine
And the emanating beauty you chime,

Woe is their eyes and so are mine,
As I tend to forget to then regret,
Not including you within my lines,

You, whose wonders one can interpret,
In so many ways, as they tend to hide
The jewels that even gods held with pride,
And for which they’ve fought on every tide

So now as a seeker I must confide,
All, as I find each aspect that lays inside,
Within the shadows, that tend to reside,
When the stars try to illuminate,
That, which the darkness tends to obfuscate

The beauty, the is yours and often leaves
The eyes and minds, mystified and in disbelief,
Of those who seek, obtaining eternal calming relief.


By: Jan M. Ramos

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