Peaceful Contention

Mistake the silence as lack of expression,
So words slowly spread, reaching different directions,
Achieving the message, in unnoticed reflection.

Reaching, provoking unanswered questions,
Fueling the background, with honest intentions,
Amassing the protests in peaceful collections,

Waking the minds, without altercation,
Motivating change in the presentation,
Bringing concerns into the conversation,
No longer leaving hands without mention,
Nor leaving another voice in endless detention,

Even if uncomfortable, bringing to attention,
To all that’s unbearable, achieve the rejection,
To all that’s questionable, bring the contention,

This is the fight, the silent confrontation,
Charging with white flags, no need for aggression,
Rise the words, let the walls fall into abrasion,

Let the march make a pact of unification,
Leaving all that segregate into damnation,
And until a united voice becomes the publication,
Let this be a sign of peaceful contention.

By: Jan M. Ramos

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