The Treasure of Death: Part 3

“Captain Drovin’s….daughter?” I asked a little nervous, tying to understand the type of situation and the kind of people I was relating myself with. The woman just waved her long hair as if she were already used to my reaction.

The Pirate Lord just rolled his eyes. “Ya’ know how this works. I cannot allow ya’ to sail with my crew.”

“Ya’ prefer I should sail with someone else?” she asked with a grin.

“I prefer ya’ to not sail at all.”

Then out of nowhere a group of men broke the line. “Drovin!” the leader of them yelled. “It’s time for ya’ to pay ya’ debt!”

“Who are you?” I asked to him trying to understand his sudden appearance. The man simply looked at me with a smirk before laughing out loud, followed by all the men who surrounded him. Honestly, I felt so little compared to them, they are all so mighty and intimidating on land, I can barely imagine how fearless they could be at the sea.

“Is this ya’ new recruit? Such a small boy with no vision about the world he’s getting in” he said with an arrogant voice.

“What he is, is not of ya’ business mate.” The Pirate Lord said. “I can do with ma’ men whatever I want.”

“Aye, but we had a deal Jon… ya’ never payed me what was rightfully mine. And the little missy here…” he said while trying to caress the woman’s hair with no success. “…have been stealing my belongings to find her own treasure.”

“I am a lady. It is dishonorable to steal from another human being.” The woman said.

“A pirate lady, daughter of the most dangerous and dishonorable Pirate Lord the Seven Seas have ever seen. But of course, we could make arrangements to pay the debt.” The man said with a grin.

“Absolutely not. Ya’ will have ya’ part of the debt without getting to that matter.”

“What matter?” I asked.

“Ya’ don’t have money Jon… and the most valuable thing ya’ possess right now is this beauty ya’ brought to the world. Let her be free to sail and choose whoever she wants to be with for the rest of her life!”

“Ya’ talking shit!” she said with disgust. “I’ll never marry ya’!”

“Ya’ wouldn’t dare lay a hand on her” the Pirate Lord warned.

“Then pay me” the other one replied. “Pay me with the treasure ya’re all looking for. Isn’t that the main reason ya’ came here to recruit men? To find the treasure no livin’ men has ever found?”

“How do you know about it?”

“Words fly like the wind that moves the sea. Find the treasure, or…” the man said while turning around and grabbing the woman against her will. “Ya’ll never see her again.”

“Oh, hell no!” the woman said while kicking him to break free. Two other men approached her to capture her but the Pirate Lord was already backing her up with his sword, initiating a fight between all the men who were at the room.

Surprisingly, even the woman was using her sword to fight against some of the men who were trying to capture her. There were also many drunk men and women in the middle of the room doing their best to either run away or jump into the fight, but they were so weak and disoriented that they ended up acting like idiots. While all of them got entertained fighting and pretending to be in the battle, I stood there, hiding between all the chairs and tables, deciding if I should join them or take the chance to run away. I mean the treasure was all fake, a history made up from a desperate sailor men like me to try and survive my horrible destiny of getting eaten by their sea creatures. But at the same time, this was a perfect opportunity to sneak away and get my freedom. It is easy right? I just have to stand up and run away while they are fighting, take a boat, escape the island and sail back to my homeland! Easy right?

Then why the hell am I still not running?

The woman kept on fighting against three men. She was skilled but she was having trouble against them. I mean she was defending herself but everything was so unfair to her. It was obvious that she was a woman fighting for her freedom, something quite odd since women are considered to stay at the house and bear the children while her husband goes out to work. But she was a different case, she was the daughter of a pirate, of Captain Jon Drovin to be exact. In a blink of an eye the woman lost her sword and fell on the floor as the three men surrounded her, ready to kill or capture her. The sword fell a few inches away from where I was, and she looked at me expecting me to do something to help her. But what should I do? I was supposed to run away!

“The show is over mate” one of the men said while pointing his sword at her. The woman made a move to take her gun and shoot him but the third one warned her with his gun. I saw her glance at me for a second before she was picked up and getting her hands and arms tied.

“Ya’ will come with us” the second one said while leaning close to her to smell her hair. She moved her head in disgust before making a smirk.

“Ya’ think you’ll get away with this that easily?” she said before one of the men  who stood in front of her suddenly received a shot in his head as the other stood still, sensing the sword I was pointing to him. Captain Drovin and his men had already controlled the fight.

The third men tried to run away but he was immediately captured by the Pirate Lord’s men before being instantly killed. The one who was still holding the woman didn’t know what to do.

“Son…” the Pirate Lord said while making a few steps ahead. “Make a wise choice.”

The man glanced at me and after a while, he released the woman. She immediately turned around and punched him in the face so hard his nose started bleeding. Captain Drovin approached him and laid a hand on his shoulder.

“It hurts. You were just following orders right?” he asked as the man nodded frantically. “I forgive ya.”

“Ya’…ya’ do?” the man asked with confusion as the pirate leaned closer with a huge grin in his face.

“For making the wrong choice.” He said in his ear right before slicing his neck in half.

By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

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