A Wish of Love

You’re a beautiful being I want to see,

And get the honor to give a kiss.

But I’m too far behind your goals.

I’m an alien from another world.

Even though we come from the same city

And maybe our paths could have once meet in,

We have different thoughts from different places.

A division of class that has always been present.

But I don’t care about all those things

Because curiosity is part of the human being.

I will gladly learn from your world

With the condition for you to meet my own.

I don’t know if your cute smile is all fake

But you have those eyes that leaves me bare.

However, I’m scared this will not last.

What if I’m not enough, like it happened in the past?

Apparently I was too boring or too overwhelming.

I guess I never learned to deal with this feeling.

The first one was a lie, and the second was a monster.

So I got used to live with my heart broken.

But I want to see if this could be a chance

To get a new beginning in my loving life.

There is a risk during this specific game,

That I’m willing to take, if you only say yes.


By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

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