The Treasure of Death: Part 2

“Show us tha’ way!” the Pirate Lord said while leading me to the rudder. I felt my hands a little sweaty as he stared at me with a skeptical look. “Well, go on.”

“I-I-I can’t… I don’t know how to…” I replied, hoping to get out of this one alive.

“Ya’ don’t know how to sail?!” the Pirate Lord alone with a few of his crew members kept on laughing and mocking me for a while.

“Well, I was just the cook before our ship got destroyed.” I spat back quickly. “We know about treasures and legends, but we don’t direct the ships and the crew.”

“Ah, such ridiculous protocols ya’ people had. Too many useless rules to limit ya’ capacities. That’s why ya’re so weak when it comes to battle.”

“Well that makes the job easier for us!” another pirate said.

“Aye! But if ya’ won’t take the rudder, ya’ might as well tell us where to go. Unless….” The Pirate Lord smirked while insinuating the horrible fate I will have if everything I said turned out to be a lie. Which it really was, but they don’t know that yet.

I told them to head northeast, hoping that the directions I gave them made any sense to their pirate minds. The Pirate Lord eyed me for a moment before nodding in understanding and telling everyone to sail in that direction. As hours passed, I sensed that everyone suddenly had a happier attitude. Some of them even chanted a pirate song which ironically had a better sound than the usual sailing songs I learned ever since I had memory.

Then I visualized an island. It could be my escape route from these pirates or it could also be a better way to die, killed by these criminals who realized they’ve been fooled by a small boy like me. Apparently there was a small town in the island, filled with people I barely could recognize. There were many bars and brothels, many shops and small merchants selling whatever they had, even the most useless thing for an extremely exaggerated price.

I saw how the crew members left the ship with excitement as many others stood there, waiting for the Captain’s orders. He approached me while drinking his bottle of rum, his smoking smell being easily detected by my nose. “Ya’ led us to Kallisto. I hope what ya’ telling is the truth.”

Kallisto is the name of the island where all the pirates and criminals of the Seven Seas meet up to have a great time. “We need provisions and new recruits to make the journey. Many people could die along the way, and the treasure is so big that we’ll need more hands to carry it.”

“Aye, that’s true. But a cooker like ya’ don’t know where to find those men.” He said while walking away to one of the brothels. The crew members followed him not without dragging me along with them first. We spent the rest of the night signing names and hearing the stories of young and old men who wanted to make something for a living. Money, freedom, adventure, things that could be exciting for a criminal mind like theirs. At least I could relate to one of those characteristics. I wanted to live, I wanted freedom.

“Is there any space for a rebellious soul like mine?” said a particular voice that made me raise my head to stare at a beautiful, strong, dark haired woman staring at me. I swear she almost looked like the Pirate Lord, but blessed with the beautiful traces any women could wish for. Before I could reply to her question I heard the Pirate Lord suddenly taking away the papers where she was supposed to sign her name.

“I told ya’ to not get involved in this life.” He said with a clearly disgusted voice.

“Why? Because I am a woman?”

“Ya’ know very well who ya’ are.”

“Uh…excuse me? Why can’t she come along with us?” I asked with obvious confusion in my facial expressions.

The woman rolled his eyes. “Because I am his daughter. Captain Jon Drovin’s daughter.”

By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

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