You need to realize that you’re not a human being

You’re classified since the moment you begin to exist

Even before your body begins to form

You’ve been thought as a new addition to their world

You form yourself slowly, not knowing that you’ve been tested

You’ve been always under the watch of someone, protected

To see if you’re special or just ordinary

You get monitored by machines and numbers

Once you’re born you get your name registered

Classified as a female, male or if you’re different

You begin to receive, learn, hear and talk

You get some expectations from mom and dad

Then you go to school and become educated

By standardized tests that squares your mind and senses

But you feel good, you get excited

By the new sensations your body begins to transform

Modifying your look, testing your new spots

You begin to set yourself as you fit into the world

But the numbers say you’re not allowed to speak

By the gender you appear to be born with

You begin to shift between ideas and thoughts

Even social movements that appeals your soul

You dare to stand against your parents beliefs

You get expelled from your home to live

Out in the streets your number changes

From a positive one to a decreased percent

You fight for your freedom, you meet true love

Begin to feel sensations you’ve never felt before

Your dreams are shattered by unfaithfulness and greed

You fall against the system as you walk down the streets

You make lines, you take tests and gain money to live

Realizing that you’ve always been a number in need

You become a statistic the day you become extremely ill

Because failure is easier to see than a positive will

Because numbers have defined our minds

Because the system has monitored our lives

And will continue to do so, even after one dies.

By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

2 thoughts on “System

  1. You’ve made some good points there. I looked on the net for more info about the issue and found most people will go along with your views on this website.


  2. Real fantastic visual appeal on this website , I’d rate it 10 10.


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