She comes with pestilence and plagues
She blows my house, she wets my bed
She cut the trees, erase the streets
I didn’t get enough sleep!

María’s sound is mind blowing
At a slow pace she’s now moving
Shaking my legs, I breathe in fear
“Mother nature, you want to kill?”

I know you’re doing your job,
But please, have mercy of us!
We know it’s an order, nature gave you.
Please, it’ll be a secret between me and you.

Take your wrath somewhere else.
Make a balance, I know you want it.
If you don’t hear my good prayer,
Do it quick, it will be better.

I’ll find a way to fight back.
Clean up the mess and stay alive
Look to my friends and dare to say
“Don’t worry, it’s alright.”

By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

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