At this rate, I just want to die

It’s been hell what I’ve lived

Now I just want to fly

To be free, to not have pain

To feel the breeze and kiss the rain

I don’t want to touch a gun

Or take a life

I don’t want anything that resembles

my dark past.

I just want to die, and feel

If there’s still humanity in me

But I got dragged to war, once again

The difference is that I’m now surrounded by friends

Oh, how I miss the old days

When the enemy was across the sea

and not between planets

Now I’m free to please my will

to protect the people and the city that rescued me

But there’s something wrong,

they outnumbered us

We could barely hold them off

They are way stronger than us

We try, we fight, we kill, we feel…

We bleed…

We live…

I live…

Until there’s nothing else to do

and a vanishing silence appears

We stared at each other

waiting for a signal to release

And now I see, I feel

I get scared I may not live

This is my time, I’m trying not to freak

I reached to him confused, trying to speak

But I fell, and everything darkens

I get scared as my body shatters

There’s nothing, no more to see

But at least I got to do something

On my free will.

By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

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