Broken Fate

I was supposed to be stronger

To be able to protect her

And to keep the peace

In this modern world.

I no longer wanted to be used

For whatever needs my master could plead

I wanted to be me

While feeling the love of her human being

She’s beautiful, and she doesn’t know it

Dangerous, yes but in a peculiar way

She’s stronger than she could ever imagine

I know not only because the gem says it

But because I felt it

But it pains me seeing her in such distress

Being tested in the cruelest way

I almost could see her breaking down

But she grew stronger and let it all come out

At some point we were losing, the end was near

We didn’t traded lives and defended our will

There was no choice, she had to do it

Even though it was painful, there’s no other way

She complained in denial, that life wasn’t fair

I agreed to her statement, life is never fair

My love was so wide that I urged her to unleash it

And once she did, it pained me the way we finished.

I never wanted to hurt her

And she never did.

At least we fulfilled our destiny here.

I could feel how everything vanishes into nothing

There is silence, not even a voice hearing

This must be the true meaning of being alone

But at least she’s safe along with the entire world.

Wait, what is it?

Why am I being restored without hearing a word?

Then I see her, fear screaming in her eyes.

He threw her away as he held me up high

I struggle to break free, but he’s too strong

And I feel the gem responding to his imminent call

“Wanda” is all I think

As he pull out my source of energy to his will.

And there I fell on the ground, lifeless

Regretting the fact that I couldn’t protect her.


By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

*Based on Vision and Scarlett Witch, “Avengers: Infinity War”

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