Equal Exchange

What happens when you lose fear of dying?
When you lose fear of time?
When you lose what makes you blind?
When the sleeves are no longer tied,
and nothing can’t hold you back?
Don’t you feel alive?
Like nothing can stop you now?

On top of the world you are now
at least that’s what you think,
but you can’t even speak,
because the altitude is so much
that you can’t even breath.
You look at the sides and there isn’t much,
because you sacrificed so much,
and now you have none.
Nothing to call your own.

Depressive is it not?
In the end escape fear, you did not.
You just hid yourself in your ignorance,
now fear itself is hunting you down.
You have no chance,
but to open eyes to the reality
that no one can claim the top and take the crown
away from the lord and majesty.
Lord death or God,

You can call him what you want;
you can go against all odds,
but deny it you cannot.
It’s fear what consumes you of fearing none,
of being different from the rest and being all alone.
Being on that cold top,
or on the other side of the lot.
Separate from the rest,
for thinking different.
Exclusion, you want not,
nor to be without a home,
so, you consume yourself with ideology of the lot.

Just look at what you have become,
another one consumed in ignorance,
because he feared the act of defiance,
and its inconvenience,
which was to sacrifice to obtain change.
Since like in the laws of equality,
written in alchemy,
nothing is free in this world, everything is earned.
You can’t just take without giving something in return,
Hence you prefer to blind yourself, and live without concerns,
since confronting your own fears earns you no profit in return.

By Jan M. Ramos

March 23, 2014

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