Beneath the Oceans of Hell

Not that long ago,
a welcoming pure spirit
caught sight of a blasphemous soul.

Her body floating underneath,
accompanied by her brothers and sisters,
in this gigantic liquid home.

Attracted by the hollowed hands
that couldn’t reach his feet,
she looked up to him.

Still in the oceans of hell,
hearing the tormented whines in this realm,
the doubt of approach sinks in.

The spirit didn’t look away in disgust,
he seemed to think at many things at once
and after a while, he kneeled on the clear cold floor.

She thought in her head: ‘For goodness sake, no!’
Managed to swim towards the surface,
but couldn’t go through its core.

With a drowned voice she said:
“Spirit of light, leave! This ocean
is not meant for someone like you.”

Only smiled, inserting his arms into the ocean,
then reached to pull the soul up by the waist
before she could even start to scream.

With closed eyes, she heard commotion
by the waves who fought to get her back.
Shaking, scared of the outcome.

“I’ve been staring, lady of this clear hell…”
A choir of charming demons, his voice was.
“And I have the need to keep you by my side.”

Fear opened her red watery eyes.
Heart skipping beats, she might right now die
but as the seconds passed, death was far more behind.

By Leo E. Mars

Categories Poetry, Submissions

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