I’ll send the pestilence and plagues

into your house, into your bed

I’ll create a crisis and you’ll scream,

during the night and all mornings

I’ll cut the right of you to speak,

also to read and to get healed

And if you desire to complain

I’ll take away all of your dreams

Something coming you’ll never see

‘cause I’ll wipe out your chance to live

I’ll be your chaos, your nightmares

‘cause you told me so!

I thought you were smarter

I gave you the chance to make a change

It was all I ever wanted

You elected me now out of your pride

Watch how I make your people cry!

And now you cry

begging me to show you mercy

knowing the mistake that you’ve made

But I can’t do nothing.

I’ll create more taxes for you to pay

now don’t complain or go to jail!

This is my home!

My heart aches in devastation

Yes, it tortures me inside.

All the innocents will suffer

from our stubbornness and pride.

I’ll close the schools your kids assist

manipulate the way you think

To make progress you will believe

and pay a debt, illegal is.

I’ll be your wraith, your havoc

‘cause you told me so!

You my young children

Why must you go down another road?

I’ll be your chaos, your despair…

Open your eyes now!

Your illness

‘cause you told me so!

You who I once raised

How dare you think now all by yourself?

Is this what you wanted?

I’ll be your loss, your sorrow!

Then let my eyes be blinded

and never mind how high the cost may grow

This will still be so,

I will never let the progress stop

You’ve doomed us all!

You told me so!

I will not let the progress stop!

                Make the crisis stop!


By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

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