Ever wondered what’s next?
What is the aim of all these tests
we forced upon our path every single day?
Suffering falls with every step of the way,
getting used to the pain;
learning not to complain;
looking forward to the next roadblock in the way,
mentally prepared to fight all incoming dismay
while keeping the pace well maintained.
But for what gain?
Is it real? Is this fight sincere?
Or, is this struggle all for a pretense?
Have we been wasting all our strength?
Or will all our efforts be repaid?
How can we be sure we are not making a mistake?
All this travel, all this pain, and we might never reach the end,
But of what? For what, might this struggle even be?
If the initial reason we started our journeys,
have faded away in the symphonies
of the strongest necessities,
overruling all cause of purpose
that we proposed ourselves when we were small;
letting survival become the surface
of all our thoughts, tossing aside all recall
that once there was a purpose we yearned to hold.
Leaving us with nothing, but way to old,
feeling like we are lost,
because we forgot
that which we wanted to reach at all cost,
those dreams, those goals
that in our innocence we had held above all.
So, we must ask ourselves, above all else,
if we truly are where we want to be the most,
or are we just truly lost?

by Jan M. Ramos


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