The clock was ticking.

Men and women gathered in a classic room to start the formal lecture.

I froze watching how the majority of them had stern looks…but behind them, cold eyes and wicked smiles could be heard.

The trial was about to start.

Moments passed, and the media was incredulous about the information they were gathering for the world to see.

They were men who heard the plea of a lady who raised her voice to the right forum, hoping that she would get justice.

But she was calling for attention.

They talked, they watched, they heard, they reacted. The typical behaviors I’ve been used to watch ever since I was created.

They silenced in order to make their votes.

They gathered into the creature that lied behind their oath.

And it stood up into this massive, privileged being that obtained the power in the name of democracy.

Its robust hands approached me, and with its ignorant yells against the wall it pinned me.

My hands got glued so I couldn’t move and my mouth was covered so I wouldn’t speak.

But I had to fight, it’s my duty.

I bite back, and it beat me.

I let out a scream for all the girls and the people who are watching this to be aware, that they had to unify their differences to defeat the bear.

Because I alone couldn’t protect them all.

And then they chose him, a man whose past is about to be investigated but got confirmed to my Supreme Court.

A man who may or may be not be guilty of what he’s done, but the thought of it alone should’ve raised a flag and stopped the process.

Ah, but time’s the one who’s running.

That’s why you are desperate to shut me.

I will stay calm, because they are rising and when it comes,

I’ll be the one showing the wicked laugh.

By: Carmen Angélica Figueroa Guzmán

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