Blind Judges

Assume me and I assume you,
Assume what you think and what you do,
Assume what is like to be in your shoes,
Assume your struggles and the path you chose,
Assume your strengths and your weaknesses too,
Assume your pains and the many joys that carry you through,

Assume what empties you and makes whole
Assume what breaks and what patches your soul,
Assume the road you walk, and with which soles,
And whether it’s a clean walk, muddy or full of coals,

We often assume, without knowing much,
We presume we know, so we judge in a rush,
Thinking we know, even though much is kept in a hush,
Inside those minds who keep in hidden boxes,
More than just beautiful memories  and colored roses.
Who knows how many bones, how many losses
Are hidden well, while we continue making hoaxes?
Assuming to know, just because of what is allowed to be seen from those very boxes.

But even if we knew that much was hidden,
we would still ignore it and that is a given,
Because it is easier to blindly judge and no listen,
Any opposing point, so we deem them as forbidden,
So the assuming continues, and ignorance keep winning.

So if you assume me, and I assume you
We would be assuming each other’s opinions without clue,
Imagining postures and judging like fools,
Falling to the flaw that has claimed rule,
Drowning society within its pool,
Causing strife and chaos, depriving tools,
That is Ignorance, that which feeds on those who assume,
Since easy prey for chaos, will lead to its full bloom,
Which is when society will fall into fool gloom.

So let the blind judges guide those who assume,
But remember the door is open to leave that room,
Where ignorance calmly observes takes nest,
Clawing those that always let their eyes rest,
Out of comfort, until suddenly their turn is next,
To be judged the same way the blindly judge the rest.

By: Jan M. Ramos

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