Insidious Being

The berserker that lurks within

the madness that sleeps in,
while the consciousness remains stable but thin.

The monsters that lay calmly as the lullaby sings
within the mind and soul of conflicted beings
who think of themselves as superiors than most things.

Yet in the shadows of their minds await the most wicked of beasts,
that embody the desires that lay within;
watching as the consciousness wears thin;
so that they may be free, and on the world, they may feast.

Truly the most wicked of beings;
whose beasts are tamed within.
Always from the shadows waiting,
so they can unleash the wickedness within.

While cloaked from the eyes of the mass that are always judging
with the hypocrisy they keep withholding;
as they too, hide so many fiends.
These are humans, the most insidious of beings.

By Jan Manuel Ramos

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