War of Minds

I am not a pessimist,
but a realist.
Not an activist,
but I will resist.
Yes I will persist,
for what I want, I will insist.
Of something life must consist,
and I will fight for my piece,
even if I must rise my fists;
even though I would prefer words soft as a kiss;
even though I would prefer to make love to peace.
To drop all disharmony,
diminish all entropy,
and have anger be deceased.
So we can finally proceed,
to officially concede,
and debate, producing the seeds
of thought, rising a new breed
of war, one for our minds.
So that they may rise once more
and conscience may prevail forevermore,
breaking all of the chains of ignorance furthermore.
Bringing back the future that was fleeting away of shore,
giving hope back to the minds that once were laid bore.

By Jan Manuel Ramos

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