Shelter of Embers

Those precious memories that live within us

are shelter to those who have left without a cause,
other than time running its course.

Those memories, more valuable than gold,
more precious than all our holds,
give them a place to rest,
a place to watch over our footsteps,
so we can continue venturing without regrets.

Hence we are blessed
by them, who have left,
but within us still remain.
By them, whose light fade,
but left us the ember to continue to light our way,
even through the fall of nightshades.
So, we can never stray away from the roads we trail.

They, in our memories and hearts,
remain ever so grand, regardless of the passing of time,
reminding us that even Kronos can’t erase foretellers’ mark;
which is our minds, where they reside taking shelter,
keeping us company until it is our time
to return to ash, leaving our ember
to serve as someone else’s guide.

By Jan Manuel Ramos

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