Unworthy Canvas

As I tried to immortalize her
at the peak of her might,
I realized that the beauty I hold in sight
is nothing but a facade she gathers,
to hide everything from light.

But what? Struggle, Internal fight?
Making me feel anxious but not bothered,
as it only intensified her and made her bright;
empowering herself with every right,
taking over my mind with every tide
of mystery that emanated from inside.
A mind that holds so much with pride.

Oh such secrecy, only made her rise,
elevating her beauty to a state of praise;
where even gods would kneel in a blaze,
looking down feeling unworthy of such eyes;
which hold hidden more than Pandora’s gaze.

Such is her mystery,
which I observed as I painted her history
in a canvas that was meant to contain wholly.
But all tries ended up being folly,
as no art could ever be worthy
of immortalizing something so holy.

By Jan Manuel Ramos

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