Bout with Failure

My fear for you, it is justified,
as you demolish my confidence with every tide.
As you stare, looking down on me, to see if I would hide,
but I still confront you, outmanned from every side.

As the scars accumulate as we collide,
as I refuse to stay down with every inch of my pride,
as I refuse to let the flames die from inside.
With every breath, with every bit, even if it won’t suffice,

I will remain, even if broken, doesn’t matter price.
Even if shaken, I still will justify my every sacrifice.
In my path of self-destruction, I will still break your walls of ice.

Your imposition, this attrition, all you might devise,
I will overcome; I will take on, with masochism as a vice.
As I will not dodge, just carry on, as if searching for paradise;
till the end, till the last ounce, my aim will be precise.
Doesn’t matter the many falls, I will still rise;
till the last step, the last breath, till my last demise,
I will keep pushing, doesn’t matter how much you might antagonize.

By Jan Manuel Ramos

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