Small set of Marvel Poems Part 2

Oh brother, dear brother

Oh brother, dear brother.
I remember, you stabbed me when
we were just kids, at the age of eight.
It was the time you turned into a snake.

Oh brother, dear brother.
I remember in our raining days.
All the pranks that you once made
to make everyone angry until father came.

Oh brother, dear brother.
I remember you being scared
when you during night had nightmares.
“My cape will protect you,” is what I said.

Oh brother, dear brother.
I didn’t knew you were adopted.
But it doesn’t matter, you’re still my brother.
Come back home, just talk with mother.

Oh brother, dear brother.
What made you try to rule Earth?
They’re innocents, you tried to kill them!
Is that the power of a true leader?

Oh brother, dear brother.
You’re lucky you’re not dead.
Now locked up in a cell,
you’ll spend the rest of your days.

Oh brother, dear brother.
I saw you kill the monster.
I didn’t trusted you, but you meant well.
You saved Asgard and my beloved Jane.

Oh brother, dear brother.
I should’ve known you weren’t dead.
I mourned for you until I lost count of the days.
While you played here, under father’s name.

Oh brother, dear brother.
Now I know how you really felt.
Father had many secrets for us to tell.
An evil sister? That changes the tale!

Oh brother, dear brother.
I should’ve known this will come to an end.
Our home is destroyed, but Asgard is safe.
I would’ve hugged you, if you were here as well.

Oh brother, dear brother.
There’s a new challenge we must face.
I am curious, who will it be?
By the look on your face, you know who it is.


I was born to kill.
That is my destiny.
To never love, to never fear,
Or I’ll never be not able to live.

Many languages I’ve learned.
The art of seduction, the art to escape.
There’s one way I should behave,
Never take a side, or you’ll be dead.

I am a monster with a pretty face.
I am a solder without a real name.
I’ve done many things in the past.
I’m not proud of, I want to erase that.

They’ve sent the best man to kill me
I was expecting it, but believe me.
He pardoned my life, I made a gasp.
There’s no way he must’ve done that!

He became my friend, the one and only.
He offered his hand when I was lonely.
At first I didn’t trust him.
But now it’s different, he saved me.

He knew my real name, and I knew his.
I knew his life and I joined him.
I will always owe him my head,
‘cause after all, he’s now my friend.


Waking up

It’s been a long time,
Since I’ve felt death.
Now I’m waking up
On a dry bed.

The room is clear,
Everything’s silent.
All except for one thing.
Is the radio talking?

I’m not sure what year it is,
but there is something strange.
Las thing I remember is war.
Is everybody dead?

There’s a young nurse coming,
she’s acting very calm.
She says that everything is over,
that we’ve won the war.

But there’s something wrong,
I feel it.
I’ve heard that game before,
I’ve lived it.

My heart beats fast,
I take a deep breath.
The nurse stays calm
as I gain rage.

I leave the room,
looking for space.
But I’m not in a hospital.
What is this place?

Breathe, run, fight, scream.
Faster, louder, stronger, and see.
I’m in New York, the place I belong?
Everything’s fine but there’s something odd.

I’ve been asleep all my life, for almost 70 years.
All my loved ones have died!
Oh, my Peggy Carter! My dear…

By Carmen Angélica Figueroa

*All poems are based on Marvel characters

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