Small set of Marvel Poems Part 1

Thanos Wrath

From the nine realms we felt.
The six gems he’s now finding.
Ready to take over the worlds,
is a mighty God we’re fighting.

We’ll make allies to prepare.
Strike for love, revenge or fear.
We will stop him from all doom
at the Infinity War.
Beware from Thanos wrath.

Beautiful, powerful, dangerous soul.
Is a strange magic, can’t be controlled.
Stronger than one, wiser than ten.
Crazier than the Great Trickster!

There’s a fate that we must face
Through challenges and new allies.
We may not know but our time has come
is a mighty God we’re fighting.

There’s a path we must take.
Choose the light or the darkness.
We will stop him from all doom
at the Infinity War.
Beware from Thanos wrath.

Loki’s disguise

My life is a lie.
And of all the reasons, why?
I came from Jotunheim.
Why you hid me all my life?

How come I was the tool,
the second, the unwanted, the fool?
You told me that I was loved
but in the end, I was just a burden.

I tried to be like him.
To be the strongest, the rightful King!
I wanted to make you proud
but my brother, it was him all about.

Now I know why you do hate me.
I have no family, just the God of Mischief.
Don’t expect me to act like I don’t know.
I’m sick of it! I can’t hold it anymore!

Mother, father, brother, listen.
I can’t do this, I must go.
Don’t look for me, I’ll be okay
because I’m still a God, after all.

A Twin’s Pain

I died, because of you.
I died, because I couldn’t protect you.
I died, yes I did.
But why do I, still live?

We stick together all the time,
until a great force broke us apart.
I felt the shock in all my veins.
Let out a scream, saying your name.

My power bursted, creating flames.
It broke the metal, but it didn’t cease the pain.
My will to live is now lost,
but one last task must be done.

I found you inside a broken bus.
You showed concern, or is it love?
My dried tears didn’t stop me when
my remaining strength showed you pain.
I died, yes I did.
And it did felt like this.

by Carmen Angélica Figueroa

*All poems are based on Marvel characters


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