Little One

Everything beautiful I plead, everything beautiful I see in thee
When the tunes did not play, you ignited me with your flame
When all my words are lost and my spirit is exhaust
When all I saw was a bitter blight, you brought loves music back to my life
My little one dare not fear, I will protect you when the storm is near.
I lonesome poet lost in agony, enslaved by a wretched monotony
It was then when you appeared with a sea of riches I saw near
The tunes you played so solemnly, something I’ve thirst so anxiously
I read your art, I hear your songs and it’s your beauty that stormed my heart
A love so clean with sincerity, it’s you I love so honestly
The stardust’s galaxies within your eyes, console’s my heart every time
So quietly you smile at me, an angel’s gift for me to see
My charming sister from far away, don’t ever leave;
Please do stay, to hear the tunes that you create
You bring the best from inside of me, for those I love so passionately
Forsake you not or hurt you not, I would not dare to play with your heart
To my best friend in the entire world, these words of love to keep you whole
Everything’s great, my spirits higher; for you the cause of my smile
My dear sweet sister none will take your place, for nobody possesses your grace
I’ll protect you from every harm, even if doing so sends me far.
By Chris J. Orona

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