The tunes of love I hear them play, when she’s around it rejoices my days.
Apart I wither and alone I fall, but with her around I find my home.
Close to you my little one I feel strong, I feel whole, I feel as though I’m not alone.
What has your smile? What’s inside your soul?
That for you my heart will forever burn;
But when I wake from this slumber, I see the truth as I remember.
The tunes of love, they do not play;
I hear them not from your embrace.
You look at me so differently as I hide my love so quietly.
I dare not speak my words of love, to you the duchess that owns my heart.
What has your eyes? What’s inside your heart?
Why am I a captive of your love?
I look at you, you look at me;
Your eyes they pierce my every being.
Oh, how I wish you could be mine, I’d hold your heart on every night.
Oh, how long to kiss your lips, it hurts me so that we can’t be.
Our different worlds and different lives, this is why I always hide.
The love I feel just cannot be and tell you not my sweet lovely.
Maybe someday you can hear the tunes of love I played so dear;
A symphony that breaks my heart, a crumbling spirit that you will not love.
By: Chris J Orona

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